Scrub Salt with Love from Oklahoma

We are a veteran family-owned business, making high-quality handmade bath products right here in Oklahoma, USA for the last 19 years. We take special pride in our scrub salts, as we've tried and tested to come up with the most pleasing and effective blend, including several organic base oils and super hydrating aloe vera. Combined with the exfoliating and mineral qualities of sea salt, our Dead Sea salt scrubs are deeply conditioning and soothing, while also being gently tough to reveal fresher, glowing skin.

What makes our sea salts unique?

We combine the best quality Dead Sea salt with natural oils for scrub salts that you have to try to believe! Our scrubs will exfoliate and cleanse your skin while leaving it soft, supple and moisturized. The minerals in sea salt have been shown to improve skin barrier protection, and moisture retention.

Prepare to enjoy skin more soft, supple, and hydrated! With regular scrub salt treatments your skin is purified of debris, bacteria, and given the hydration it needs to glow.

Gently 'scrub' in circular motions for a minute or two, avoiding skin near the eyes, then rinse with warm water. Adding this to your routine 2 or 3 times a week is guaranteed to improve the condition of your skin and give it the protection it needs to look and function its best.

Our scrubs help with dry skin, itchy skin, and just about any type of skin condition. In short, everyone can enjoy the glowing benefits of our handmade scrub salt.

The benefits of adding scrub salt to your skin care

The minerals in scrub salt (such as calcium, magnesium, potassium) provide a wide spectrum of useful effects. Such mineral salt can help to stimulate circulation, ease muscle cramps, relax stiff joints, rid the body of impurities by shedding toxins out through the skin, aid in mineral absorption, as well as promote better sleep.

A salt scrub has a lot to offer when it comes to skincare, especially their ability to deliver glowing results! If you feel like your skin is looking dull or 'old', chances are you need a good scrub! Exfoliation is a pillar of keeping skin looking youthful, because as we age the outer dead skin layer gets thicker, covering up the supple more radiant newer skin.

Additionally, if dead outer skin is allowed to build up, it is more likely to clog pores, giving your skin a dry, rough texture, as well as possibly causing breakouts. Regular exfoliation is likely to help you stay away from a host of skin problems. Along with topical antioxidant vitamins to help with tone, retinoids to aid collagen production, and regular moisturizer, exfoliation rounds of these pillars of maintaining age-defying, radiant skin.

Heaps of care and love go into our scrub salt,

as well as 10 nutrient-rich, organic base oils and organic aloe vera:

  • anti-aging
  • promotes skin healing
  • antiseptic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • reduces excessive oil production
  • fights acne and dark spots
  • helps purify skin for a natural glow