Meet Our  Founder, Andrea Fredericks

Andrea Fredericks founded Salt Soothers LLC in 2004 to pamper herself with natural bath products, and it quickly grew into a business that allowed her to indulge others. She started the company as a college student to solve a problem with very dry skin.

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Here We Grow

We are a family of owner-operators. We pride ourselves in providing amazing bath products at a highly competitive price. Our business is an extension of our family. It started with Andrea & Bill and their children making Dead Sea salt products in their kitchen during the week and selling at craft shows during the weekend.

Expansion Begins

In 2013 we expanded, and Andrea's sister Julie Bullock had several life-changing events, mainly wanting to spend more time with her family. She flew out to Oklahoma and worked at the Choctaw Labor Day Festival and from that moment she was hooked. She started selling in Virginia and was our first attempt to expand organically while still providing hand-crafted spa products.

Another Addition

We made another addition in 2015 when Andrea's other sister Patrice and her husband retired from the Marines and were looking for a way to earn a living and spend time together after many years apart due to numerous deployments. So they decided to start making and selling Salt Soothers in North Carolina with much success.

Embracing Adventures

In 2019 we grew again when Bill and Andrea’s oldest son welcomed a beautiful daughter, Elise, into this world. They knew they wanted at least one parent home with their daughter, they made the decision to open a location in their home state. Embracing this new adventure William and his wife Victoria now run in the great state of Texas.

You often come across our products at craft shows and other local events where one of our family members will be pleased to take care of you. Be sure to stop by and say hi or even wash your hands with our amazing dead sea salt body scrub.

Our Future

Our future is you. Without our wonderful customers, we don't have a why. Our mission remains simple, to bring joy and quality of life and make wonderfully good products for our family of customers.

Why Choose Us

We are a veteran family-owned business, making high-quality bath products that are handmade made in the USA for the last 18 years.

Our Team


Andrea Fredericks

Owner Operator 2004-Current

I was never built for a 9-5. I have always been creative and loved building new businesses. When I came up with the idea for Salt Soothers I knew it was something that was perfect for me and my soul.

I can create products that help people with their skin issues, I love hearing our customers when they come  back and tell my the success they have had with our products.

It has giving me an opportunity to build this business together with my family and given us a lot of reasons to spend more time together.

It is beautiful to see how each owner has grown and added so much value to our company in their own unique way. We are always better as a team.


William Fredericks

Owner Operator 2004-Current

After 20 years in the Marines I had a hard time finding where I belonged. It was a difficult adjustment and the stress of being in an office was taking a toll on my mental health. I would go to shows with Andrea on the weekends to help her out and fell in love with the customers. I finally felt relaxed and enjoyed being around people again.

The two biggest reasons why I love being a part of Salt Soothers is first working with family and building bonds that much close. Second is seeing our customers/friends and getting to hear their life stories!

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Page Kamp

Owner Operator 2004- Current

I feel in love with the shows as a child. I can remember my Mom not wanting me to be at shows because she thought I was too little at 7 years old. I had the chance to to talk to a customer at a show and selling was natural for me. After that my mom could see not only did I enjoy it but I was good at it. So from that beginning I knew this was my future.

I am fortunate enough to get out and help our customers with their skin conditions that can be easily solved with our natural solution! My favorite part is that my son is able to work with me and see how family can work together!

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Julie Bullock

Owner Operator 2015-Current

I love Salt Soothers because I enjoy seeing my return costumers and hearing how much they love our products! I love hearing how our products have helped them feel better, from skin problems and sore muscles. I love working with my family and traveling to shows with my children. Quality time with my family is what makes me happy and I get to do what I love while working.

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Samantha Bullock

Founder 2015- Current

I love working with Salt Soothers for many reasons, spending time with family and making/creating in an environment where I am not going to be judged on failure but success. We push each other and our products to be better than the norm. We're your friends, your therapist, your holistic health coach and more! Come see us at our shows and get a taste of the Salt Soothers treatment


Patricia Helman

Founder 2015-Current

I chose Salt Soothers so I could work together  with my husband and travel to new places! We both love meeting new people and sharing a product we both love and believe in.


Joe Helman

Owner Operator 2015- Current

I  chose Salt Soothers after the Marine Corps. I deployed so much during my time so being able to spend time with my wife was  needed after years of being away. I love and believe in the products I sell and love hearing all the stories from customers we have helped.


William Fredericks

Owner Operator 2019- Current

Salt Soothers has been a part of my life since my teens- officially joining the team as an adult was a natural transition that provides freedom, flexibility, and allows me to live a low-stress life and spend more time with my family.

My favorite part is the trade shows where I can get one on one customer engagement

I would say giving people soft luscious skin is a hobby of mine


Hunter & Claudia Higginbotham

Owner Operator 2020-Current

We choose Salt Soothers because after getting out of the Marine Corps, I was working construction and I was never home. With Salt Soothers being a family business I am able to maximize my time with my family