Why Paradise sea salt?

Bath salts are a simple and delightful way to add valuable trace minerals to the bathwater, soften the water, and gently cleanse the skin. Our Paradise sea salt is one way to receive the therapeutic and beautifying benefits of Pacific sea salt. And our Paradise Dead Sea Salt Scrub steps things up with the powers of Dead Sea salt and added nourishing oils.

What makes our Paradise sea salt unique?

Our Paradise sea salt products are made with Pacific sea salt and are the best way to add a healthy boost and extra tranquility to your bathtub. Our Paradise Sea Salt makes for an easy way to soak in the benefits of a salt bath, plus the enticing aroma of Paradise fragrance oil, a blend of scents: freshly sliced mandarin oranges and tangerines with clean base notes of ripe mangoes. Paradise sea salt is fresh, clean and tangy, reminiscent of a relaxing day at the beach.

Our Paradise sea salt creations are scented with the finest oils and colored with food grade dyes (we also have dye-free) while employing the healing benefits of botanicals and aromatherapy with each bath. In addition to Pacific sea salt, our blends include vitamin E and aloe vera leaf juice for enhanced skin conditioning and hydration.

Paradise sea salt bathing is good for sore achy muscles, joint pain, and helps replace trace minerals like magnesium and potassium. Let the exotic aromas of fresh tropical fruit soothe your senses while the rest nourishes your skin and aids in detoxification.

How Paradise Dead Sea salt is different from other kinds of bath salt

Dead Sea bath salt is different from your regular table salt because it contains over 21 essential minerals and nutrients, including magnesium, potassium, and calcium, which feed and nourish the skin and body. It also has a much lower sodium content. Dead Sea bath salt is one of many ways to receive the therapeutic and beautifying benefits of this mineral-rich substance. Our Paradise Dead Sea Salt combines these wonderful properties with the romantic aroma of a tropical summer day.

What makes our Paraside sea salt scrubs special?

With our Paradise sea salt scrubs we combine the best quality Dead Sea salt with natural oils to form the perfect Dead Sea salt scrub that you have to try to believe. The salts will exfoliate and cleanse your skin while the oils leave it soft, supple and moisturized. Our scrubs help with keratosis pilaris, dry skin, itchy skin ..just about any type of skin or skin condition will enjoy the glowing benefits of our handmade Paradise sea salt scrubs.

The many benefits of Paradise sea salt scrubs

According to HealthGuidance, one of the main benefits of Dead Sea salt scrubs, like our Paradise sea salt scrubs, are their ability to increase blood circulation at the skin's surface. Increased blood circulation to the skin aids in skin rejuvenation and cellular renewal. Massaging the skin in a circular motion with salt scrubs draws blood to the skin's surface, encouraging the release of toxins and promoting healing and renewal.

The minerals in Dead Sea salt help heal and soothe problem skin, including skin suffering from psoriasis and eczema. According to Psoriasis Guru, the minerals in Dead Sea Salt, including magnesium, bromide, zinc, and sulfur, help slow overactive cellular growth that causes psoriasis and also help to reduce inflammation and redness. Gently scrubbing skin affected by psoriasis or eczema a few times a week helps to slough away dead skin, deliver necessary nutrients for healing, and moisturize the extremely dry skin that is the root cause of skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Our Paradise Salt Scrubs:

  • Smooth & Exfoliate
  • Cleanse & Nourish
  • Revive & Moisturize

What makes our Paraside Dead Sea scrubs stand above the rest?

Our blend of rich oils and antioxidants:

  • anti-aging
  • promotes skin healing
  • antiseptic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • reduces excessive oil production
  • fights acne and dark spots
  • helps purify skin for a natural glow