Butt Naked Bath Bombs

Our bath-ready Butt Bombs are unique in two ways, first we do not add dye to our bombs. They are the bomb just the way they are. Second our bath bombs are fortified with organic coconut oil to add a layer of moisture to leave your skin hydrated and supple.

You get the fun of the fizzy bomb, the natural detoxifying effects of the salt and clay, and the deliciously relaxing aroma of 'Butt Naked', a tropical fragrance with sweet fruity top notes of pineapple, coconut and vanilla.

In addition to the fizzy goodness and delicious aroma, we've added glycerin for enhanced hydration and lasting moisture retention, aloe vera leaf juice for its many nutrients and soothing, calming skin effects, as well as all-round lovely coconut oil, and witch hazel, which is great for gentle yet effective antiseptic properties as well as slightly drying and balancing out the hydrating oils.

Bring your bath to the next level with these fizzy bombs of goodness!

Our Butt Bombs are a great way to have some FUN while seriously conditioning your skin, encouraging detoxification, and helping relax and soothe sore muscles or mind. Just start your bath water and drop in a whole bath bomb –you can crumble a bath bomb to use a bit less or more than one bomb, or for creating your own custom foot soak.

These Butt Naked bath bombs are one of our top sellers for a reason: they're amazing smelling, fun, and make your skin so soft and supple you just have to try them for yourself to believe how delightful a simple bath bomb can be!

Try some Butt Naked Bath Bombs today, or check out our many other varieties of fizzy bath bombs. We've got everything from romantic fragrance blends, to bright clean essential oil bath bombs, and even bath bomb sampler packs (small land large) so you can try a bunch of different kinds and find some more favorites.

How to use Butt Naked Bath Bombs

  • Put one full bath “Butt Bomb” into a running bath for a relaxing soak. Soak for 20 minutes and let the minerals soak into your skin
  • Shower Bomb – Place a bath bomb onto the shower floor to cleanse your feet and create a nice aromatherapy facet to your shower.
  • Pedicure Soak – Break and sprinkle a smaller portion of a bath bomb into a foot bath to cleanse and soften your feet.

Our bombs are made fresh when ordered so these take three days to ship. Each pack comes with six Butt Bombs that are 3 inches in diameter, which is a larger size than many vendors offer –more bath bomb power for your enjoyment!

Benefits of our famous Butt Naked Bath Bombs:

  • Naturally detoxifying bath
  • Adds a protective moisture barrier to your skin
  • Helps relax muscles
  • Helps alleviate sore muscles
  • Delightful tropical aroma helps relaxation